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                               Buying a new Kitten

Buying a family pet is a big commitment and not something to be rushed into

Take your time to think about the undertaking and try and cover all aspects of the responsibility of owning a kitten.

When you have made your decision, you could contact a breeder of your chosen kitten by going onto the breed website. 
Good breeders will be willing to spend time answering your many questions, not only about cost, but feeding, housing,
 indoor or outdoor cat, health care and numerous other aspects. Think about the fact that you or your children could have 
an allergy to cats - it would be preferable to find out beforehand if this is so. Visit a multi-cat household and see if anyone
 in your fa  mily suffers the consequences!

When viewing a litter of kittens, choose the particular kitten that is right for your circumstances. Are all the kittens 
strong and healthy? Ask about vaccinations and worming. A new kitten is a wonderful addition to the family, so take 
your time to make the right choice.
Good breeders should be patient and understanding in answering all of your many questions, but remember they have 
concerns as well.  Having spent time and love in raising their kittens they will want to be re-assured about their future. 
Choosing the right kitten for you should also involve the breeder, who has known the kittens since birth and can tell 
you all about their individual ways.

Vaccinations and Insurance
GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) guidelines say that a kitten should not leave home under 13 weeks of age 
and that it should be fully vaccinated for at least Cat Flu and Enteritis.  We also recommend that kittens be micro chipped.
 Breeders should also offer full insurance for your kitten for a four week period after purchase, and we strongly
 recommend that this is continued for at least 12 months.


If there is no-one at home during the day, we do not suggest that you do not have a cat. However, two kittens will keep
 each other company and be quite happy until you return from work.  Please keep kittens in whilst you are at work, and 
at night as this is when most road accidents occur.


                                                  SOME ALFRESCA KITTENS, PAST AND PRESENT

               Dancer kittens born 30th May 2015  two boys and two girls


                                       Alfresca Skywalker, Alfresca Stormtrooper, Alfresca Sweetie Pie and Alfresca Superstar

                                                                         oOo          oOo

              Dancer's kittens born 9th July 2014

                                             ALFRESCA RAZZLE DAZZLE                     ALFRESCA RAGAMUFFIN

            Gemma's kittens born 11th July, 2013
            Alfresca Quicksilver, Quality Fair & Quattro


             Alfresca Passionflower, Alfresca Polkadot and Prima Donna

            IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) x Champion Leonitara Madame Butterfly (Fly)
            Born 25th May, 2012

           Alfresca Olisia and Orlando, born 29th February, 2012
           Dad is Acornpaws Misterblu-Sky and Mum is CH. Alfresca Just-Jojo


          Alfresca Nero, Nicholas Nickleby and North Star, born 24th February, 2012
          Dad is IGRCH Leonitara Prince-Charming (Leo) and Mum GRCH Alfresca 
          Venus Littlegem (Gemma)


         Alfresca Mister-Mungo born 25th June, 2011. 
         Photos taken at 9 weeks.  Mungo is now reserved and hopefully
         will be shown when he is bigger.  



         Gemma's kittens born 19th April.  Photos taken at 7 weeks old. This is my 'L' litter!

           Rocky       (Alfresca Lionheart)

                                           Bella (Alfresca Liberty Belle)

                                                                   Rosie (Alfresca Loobie Loo)



                 ALFRESCA KISSME KATE "Scampy" born 16/02/2011  (Dad - GRCH Leonitara Prince-Charming LEO
                                           and Mum -  Ch. Leonitara Madame Butterfly - Fly)  

                                                                                  born 07/08/2010


             BORN 28/06/2010  IGCH ADCINSH SILVER EDWIN 


                                            I litter at 12 weeks old


                             H LITTER  Misterblu-sky/Silver Scrumptious

                            Alfresca Honeybelle, Halcyon Blue,  Hunky Dory  and High Flyer

                           Georgia Peach  at 9 weeks old   

                  G - Alfresca Georgia Peach at 6 weeks 
                  Acornpaws Misterblu-sky/Alfresca Vanity Fayre  born 29th April 
                  Black silver classic tabby girl.                                                    

                                F LITTER BORN 4th September 2009
                                Sire IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin and Ch. Leonitara Madame Butterfly

                                Alfresca Fifi Folle, Alfresca Fine'n Dandy, Alfresca 
                                Frangipani and Alfresca Firefly.

              E LITTER
              Born on the 10th August to Acornpaws Misterblu-sky and 
             Alfresca Vanity Fayre.  Two boys, Alfresca Excalibur and 
            Alfresca Excelsior.  


                                                 R_-_Daisy,_Dolly_and_Dudley_005          D


My "D" litter born on 20th April to Aljora Silver Scrumptious and IGRCH Adcinsh Silver Edwin. 

Two girls and a boy, all silver spotted.  They are to be registered as Alfresca Dudley Daredevil, Dolly Daydream 
and Daisy May.  

All now reserved. 


C_litter  C            

This is my 'C' litter of kittens (second time round the alphabet) born to Champion Alfresca Venus Littlegem on 22nd August.
 All boys, three black silver spotted and three black silver classic tabbies. What a picture they make.

Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin and Leonitara Madame Butterfly had these lovely three kittens on lst August, 2008. 
This is my B litter and are registered as Alfresca Bellabelinda (Lexi), Alfresca Burlington Bertie (Smidge) and 
Alfresca Betty Boop (Tabby) Two black silver spotties and a gorgeous black silver classic tabby. Well done, Fly.

Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin and Alfresca Vanity Fayre. These kittens were born on 29th April, 2008. 
Two silver spotted girls and the black silver classic tabby boy. They are Alfresca Ayfa Adorable, Arabella 
and Adventurer, to be known as Molly, Tia and Milo by their new owners. This is Nellie's first litter and 
she has been a great Mum. Photos taken at 7 weeks.
               A_litter_boy  A                       

My Z litter. Silver Zenith, Silver Zodiac and the girl, Silver Zinnia. All black silver spotted kittens.
 This photo taken when they were 9 weeks old. Dad is Gr.Ch.Adcinsh Silver Edwin and Mum Alfresca Silver Sparkle.
                                                                         Z             Zenith,_Zodiac_and_Zinnia

Gr.Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) and Aljora Silver Scrumptious. These five lovely kittens were born on
 27th February 2008. They are Alfresa Silver Yasmine, York, Yeates, Yogi and Yeoman. Four black spotty boys and a 
classic silver tabby girl. Scrumptious will now have a well deserved rest and enjoy the summer months being a lady of leisure.
                                     Y_litter_at_8_weeks_015   Y
Aljora Silver Scrumptious and Ch. Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) produced these four gorgeous male kittens on 5th June, 2007.  This is my X litter and so are to be called Xanadoo, Xzito, Xavier and Xantos.  Three black silver spotties and Xzito, the black classic silver tabby.
Xanadoo,_Xzito,_Xavier_and_Xantos   X

Alfresca Silver Sparkle produced four lovely babies on the 11th April 2007.
Sire Champion Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar).

There are two black silver spotties and two black silver classic tabbies.  
                                     W          W_litter

Champion Evawill Mr. Puddington (George) and Champion Aljora Silver Superstar (Minty) produced these two stunning girlies on 12th March, 2007.
As Minty has been speyed, both these girls will be staying here to continue her line.
           ALFRESCA VENUS LITTLEGEM                               ALFRESCA VANITY FAYRE
Champion Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) and Alfresca Silver Sparkle  had four kittens on 31st May, 2006.  
This is my U litter as I am working my way through the alphabet!  One classic black silver tabby male and two black 
classic silver tabby females and one silver spotted female.  All now happily settled in their new homes as much loved
 family pets.               

                        U litter


Champion Adcinsh Silver Edwin (Oscar) & Champion Aljora Silver Superstar (Minty) produced two kittens born 04/03/06.
One black silver spotted male and one black silver tabby female.  Both, Alfresca Thunder (Thor) and Alfresca Teefa Tango have now gone to live with their new owners, Angela and David Buckley in Lancashire and it is hoped that they will be shown as neuters next year.


Update 2009 - Teefa is now Champion Alfresca Teefa Tango and Thor is Premier Alfresca Thunder.  Both have been tremendously successful in their show careers but, most importantly, David and Angela just dote on their cats. 

Teefa_and_Thor   T

S            Sundance_Stargazer_and_SuperNova    







                           2007_Molly_and_Eby                        kitten_page_1

















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